Defining Moments

This life is a progression of defining moments, finite minutes so altering you can feel your personality being molded. From birth to death building your temperment. Creating the core of your being element by painful element. Shaping your development, and if your fortunate giving you that brief glimpse of enlightenment.

All culminating into one catostrophic event, a single stalk, the weight of which breaks your back.

Flooding Need

If I opened my heart to you
there wouldn’t be enough
pages in the world.
All I feel boiled down to one word,
and still, every tree would be filled.
On my knees, thoughts of you
scrawled into the dirt,
all my wants soaked into the earth,
and still, there’d be desert.
If I opened up, the love that poured out,
would break your heart,
for this flooding need of you never stops.


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