Upon isles of green travels
the winsome song,
weeping tragic the melody of love.
Fair maidens delicate and young
upon the tempest call
dance gaily beneath the setting sun.
Hail to moon and star, below the
waves where fairy-tales run
beats the heart of the bard.

Within the Ordinary

The point from which one gains the most clarity is through the cleansing fire of adversity. When life has become an inescapable misery, and you imagine you will never again understand what it feels to be happy, something others pass off as ordinary transforms its self into the extraordinary, and you glimpse clearly the beauty along life’s journey.

If We Were Having Coffee

If we were having coffee, well first I would have to say I’m sorry, because I don’t serve coffee. I could make it, but I can promise you, you wouldn’t want to drink it, sludge in a cup is the only way I could describe it. Tea is my preferred caffeinated habit. Tea parties especially are my speciality, I can make them simple or fancy, but either way you will be sure to leave with a fat belly, for my pantry is never empty. The forecast is calling for rain so we would have to remain inside, but I’d fill vase and bottle with flower and vine. Perhaps another time we can tour the outside, and listen to mother tell how she makes the pretty flowers thrive. You didn’t think it was I who kept them alive, with my black thumb the heartiest weed has been know to wither and die. The fluffy tail protruding from beneath your seat belongs to Deanna the shy, as soon as she heard your footsteps she ran under to hide.

Would you like another cup, I swear no matter how much tea I drink I can never get enough. The pastry would be complements of the local bakery, again I apologize but in the chef’s department I’m lazy. It’s not that I can’t cook, I just despise the process, but that doesn’t hold me back from playing hostess. The house is under construction if you have noticed, but the rain no longer gets in so that is a bonus. Isn’t the tea service precious, with their tiny roses, it belonged to my Grandmother, but don’t be nervous it isn’t priceless. All that’s missing now is oysters ala walrus and my good friend Alice. Do forgive me, all this tea has caused me to digress a bit into madness. Now if you don’t mind I must make myself scarce, thank you for joining us.

If we were having Coffee Original idea from

It’s All Good, Right?

I have good news and bad news, the good news is I no longer have to work on Sundays, the bad news is that the fish in the freezer is melting and the new fridge won’t be here till next Saturday. The fridge is the latest money sucking hog to raise the husbands blood pressure. Things started to heat up last week right after I went grocery shopping on Thursday. The freezer was still working, but the fridge itself was barely cold. I guess you could say, the light was on but no one was home. Fortunately most of what I bought didn’t need to be refrigerated, but I had to ask the eggs to go live somewhere else, I hear they were very happy in their new home. The husband and I took a trip to the evil empire of home improvement and picked out a new fridge, a new fridge that was suppose to be here Tuesday, but because it’s a popular model, I needed it yesterday, and my last name is ******, they can’t deliver it on the date they had said.

In hindsight we should have picked up the small freezer they had on display, something we debated about while waiting 20 minutes for a sales associate to acknowledge our existence, because now the freezer is melting faster then the polar ice caps, and the husband has, had to dashed off and grab one before we lose everything in it. He’s also in a race against the weather as well. In my life it never just rains, it pours. On top of the break down of my kitchen ware, the sister has decided to move all her worldly belongings to a new location, and since I’m her only sister and she can count the number of friends willing to help her move, guess what I’ve been enlisted to do, but I have Sundays off now so it’s all good, or mostly good, it could be worse, right?

My sister and all of her neuroses is not agreeable to change, so this is a big step for her. She’s lived at her currant local for over twenty years and would have happily left her rotting corpse there for me to find if it wasn’t for the fact that the place is one leaky ceiling away from being labelled a crack house. Her landlord’s only interest is in collecting his rent, so she’s finally made the decision to pack up. Getting her to piss or get off the pot, as our Grandmother would always say has been like pulling teeth out. The sister can talk round a subject for so long your brain feels like its in a vise, and then there is the added bonus of getting her to stick to her decision. It’s a kin to jacking a squirrel up on caffeine then asking it to sit still.

Besides all of that, I came face to face with a bug yesterday at work that looked like it flew in from an episode of the twilight zone. Not just any bug mind you, but a giant, I have a sword in my butt to stab you with bee, a giant sword wielding bee, a giant sword wielding bee that was the width and length of my thumb. I kid you not, this thing looked like it was on steroids. You’ll just have to take my word for it, because I was not getting with in camera snapping distance of it. I was also a complete girl, and made one of the guys at the pizza place next door come kill it. He thought I was kidding too when I said giant bee until he saw it, then he said, Oh **** before flaying around for five minutes trying to squish it with my broom. He broke the handle off at the base, but the bee was ground into gorn dust, so it was totally worth it. I called my boss to explain why we had to destroy his broom, he just laughed at me and hung up. After that work passed by uneventfully, and I revelled in the knowledge that I don’t have to be there on Sunday.

Valuable Wisdom

In hindsight its easier to see the path is never about right or left, but forging ahead despite the defect. Wrong or right is rarely so black and white, its navigating the shades of grey that brings you out of the dark, and into the light. The most valuable thing one can gain from their time upon this earth, is their own self worth.

A Lil Help

Lost in thought
with no way out,
I look to my muse
for help, but he’s
just shrugging me off.
I decided to play it
smart and leaving
bread crumbs,
but while I wasn’t
looking he went
and ate them up,
so now here I am
stuck between
neurons wandering
about, and he’s
standing there patting
his belly, telling me,
thanks alot.

For The Love Of Tea

The call of the whistle beacons my cup,
the tea bag sits on the edge waiting to be dunked.
A plume of steam rising up,
the sweet fragrance calling out.
A spoonful of sugar, or perhaps a few lumps
to help sweeten the pot.
The warmth fills my mouth,
the warmth cheers my heart,
and as I sip the very last drop
I sigh wistfully and prepare another cup.

Ashes Risen

Onto the funeral pyre
I’ve tossed heart and desire,
doused it with sorrow and
watched it char me hollow.
Through wind driven ash
I’ve wept and wallowed,
but at its center burned
the smallest of ember,
waiting for you to
reignite the fire.
Consumed by your power,
passions flame burned brighter,
rising like a spire,
climbing ever higher,
blazing us into the sapphire.

Floral Moon

In my heart,
loves eternal
blooms, with
petals of pearl
with dew.
Soft and wielding
beneath the pull
of an impassioned
moon, its blossoms
delicately swoon,
intoxicating the
bees with it’s
sweet perfume

Creation Brightly Beams


A rustle through the trees
brought by the warmth
of a breeze.
A tender kiss for the leaves
suns love brightly beams.
In the garden the daisies thick as thieves
sit pretty as you please
showcased among summer greens.
Floral colors delicately weave
through garden dreams.
Natures bounty dew soaked clean.
From wonders that nary to cease and
amaze creative beauty springs.