Flooding Need

If I opened my heart to you
there wouldn’t be enough
pages in the world.
All I feel boiled down to one word,
and still, every tree would be filled.
On my knees, thoughts of you
scrawled into the dirt,
all my wants soaked into the earth,
and still, there’d be desert.
If I opened up, the love that poured out,
would break your heart,
for this flooding need of you never stops.

The Divide

Along the horizon shadows beckon the night to come, skies darken and the celestial wars begun. Behind the curtain twilight falls upon the setting sun, devouring the golden matron until the last of her crimson is gone. The queen and her pawns will take the board at dawn but for now the porcelain maiden sings her victory song briefly imagining she has won, but before too long it will be the dark that runs.

All In A Days Work

I love my job, on most days, but every once in awhile it makes me loath the public in a way that makes me start plotting world destruction. Quite frankly, if I didn’t have to work I wouldn’t. That’s not to imply that I’d sit around all day eating bon bons, I don’t even like bon bons, but what ever I chose to do would definitely be more rewarding than sucking up to the masses. That’s the thing about public servitude, no matter how much ass kissing you do there is always some one out there complaining that your kisses were placed too far too the left.

I have a very laid back job, no one is looking over my shoulder, and I have allot of down time, so to fill the lulls in my day I read, write, or what have you. As long as the place is clean, and customer’s needs are taken care of the boss doesn’t mind. I’m the first to admit, I’m not perfect, do I greet every customer who walks in the door, no. Do I stay on top of things, and come running when I see a customer needs help, absolutely! That’s my job. The problem is that some customers feel that just because they didn’t see you do a task that task must not get done, and because people like to think in absolutes, you always sit around, and you never do your job. Never mind the fact that your working a fifteen hour shift, and that customer has only graced you with their presence for an hour, an hour in which they’ve come and gone, stuck their nose in a book, answered their phone, and turned their back on you enough times to miss you doing all the things they accused you of not doing. The best part is when they take it a step further by stating unequivocally that you should be fired because in their opinion, your not doing your job.

Really, your going to deny me a livelihood based on a narrow evaluation of my work, for a job that you’ve never been trained for, and with store policies, and operation procedures you know nothing about?  Obviously my boss is pleased with my work, I show up early, come to work sick, stay passed shift end, get called in on my day off, work hours that makes spending time with my husband nearly impossible, swelter in the heat of summer, freeze in the cold of winter and am subjected to all manners of inconsiderate and rude behavior, but please tell me how you think I should be doing better.

I’m well aware that customer service, and quality work is at an all time low, even I get frustrated by surly cashiers, and sub par service, but I am also aware that my perception of the individual is limited by a small viewing window of time, and that the attitude I bring to the counter is often directly related to how myself, and the next person in line is treated in return.

It’s very easy to judge another person based on preconceived notions, and ignorant ideals, but remembering that the person on the other side of the counter is probably a minim wage employee fighting an uphill battle with poverty is another thing entirely.

Through Hurt

I’ve stood
in barren
fields while
it poured,
waiting patient
for hope to dawn.
Across the horizon
I’ve hooked rides
by thumb,
and chased
merrily after
my rising sun.
I’ve settled,
and I’ve won,
foolishly held
my ground,
and been wise
enough to run.
I’ve watched
the seasons
play across
the dirt,
studied the
cycles of the earth,
and have learned
the simple truth,
in order for the
seedling to flourish
it must endure a
little hurt.

Did You Want This?

I decided I wanted a bag of chips from the vending machine. I had a pocket full of quarters and I meant to spend them, not all of them, just three of them, so I plunked my coins in, held down the letter A and watched the wheels of technology begin to turn. The coil spun, the chips moved forward, and just as they began to drop the corner of the bag snagged. The golden bag of potato fried yumminess teetered just out of reach. I could have shook the machine senseless, but according to internet statistics more deaths occur from idiots having vending machines topple onto them, than idiots who stick their fingers in light sockets, so I plunked in three more coins. I could eat two bags, (don’t judge me). I put the coins in, pressed my button, watched the coil turn, watched the first bag fall, eyes gleaming, finger on button, waiting as the second bag made its way to the edge of the ring, and heard technology laughing as it dangled my chips just out of reach.


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