With Deepest Sympathies

I debated back and forth about whether or not to address the tragedy that took place in Newtown. I live in a nearby town, so when I say this hits close to home its not an exaggeration. I don’t know anyone who isn’t angered and pained by what’s happened. I can’t even begin to go into the question of why? I will say that this wasn’t Gods will, he didn’t need twenty more Angels, and this wasn’t his fault. This was a cruel act, by a sick and cruel person. For me his reasons don’t matter, he doesn’t matter, so I won’t spend this time giving that man any more of the spot light. I’ve travled through Newtown, driven by the flag pole in the center  that now flies at half staff more times than I can remember. When I first got my drivers licenses I got lost in Newtown and that same flag pole was a directional marker that helped get me back on course. When I was 17 I dated a guy who lived in Sandy hook and wasted gallons upon gallons of gas driving back and forth to see him every week. Its a tiny postage stamp of a town with cul-de-sac’s, picket fences and beautiful scenery, its not the type of place you imagine anything bad could happen. I don’t wish to needlessly rant about gun control, but I will say that guns kill people. They are designed to kill, they serve no other purpose except to kill, and I will stop there before I turn this post into an angry rant. What I would like to do is share something positive. I don’t normally discuss my religious beliefs here because I have seen how easily the subject can turn people off, but I do want to touch on one point that has always given me hope, and has sustained me through my own grief and loss. Jesus preformed miraculous resurrections while on Earth showing the world that he has the power to bring back those that have been lost. One account is the story of Lazarus and what Jesus did for his friend. *When Jesus arrived at his home, Lazarus had been dead for four days. Although deeply grieved, his sister Martha expressed hope, saying: “I know he will rise in the resurrection on the last day.” But Jesus went to the tomb, ordered the stone to be removed, and called: “Lazarus, come on out!” And he did!John 11:11-44.  Another account reads, Jesus met a funeral procession coming out of the Israelite city of Nain. The dead young man was the only child of a widow. On seeing her extreme grief, Jesus was moved with pity. So, addressing the corpse, he commanded: “Young man, I say to you, Get up!” And the man sat up, and Jesus gave him to his mother.Luke 7:11-17.  Jesus was showing on a small scale what he will do on a large scale for all that have died, and that promise is found at—John 5:28, 29 “Do not marvel at this, because the hour is coming in which all those in the memorial tombs will hear his voice and come out.”This is the hope that I have, that some day I will be reunited with those that I have lost, and that if I should happen to die before that day comes that I too will be awakened like Lazarus was. The Newtown shooting was a horrific and tragic event that no one should have to endure. my heart goes out to all of the families and my fellow neighbours. I know that there is little that anyone can say or do to easy a persons grief. The loss is like an oppressive weight that seems impossible to escape, but I hope that you will find some comfort in knowing that God has the power in bringing back our dear loved ones. I look forward to the day spoken of at Revelation 21:3-4 which says, With that I heard a loud voice from the throne say: “Look! The tent of God is with mankind, and he will reside with them, and they will be his peoples. And God himself will be with them. And he will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore. The former things have passed away.”

10 thoughts on “With Deepest Sympathies”

  1. Thank you for writing on this sad subject. Guns have no place in people homes. The media need to be reined in because the more they publicize these sad sick souls the more fuel they are feeding the next one, who will want to be even more horrific and evil!
    I am praying for those who have lost a child or a wife, daughter or sister brother life truly stinks sometimes. xx

  2. That was beautiful and touching, especially since you know the area. I wholeheartedly agree with what you said and you hit the perfect tone too. This isn’t something that God meant to happen. To make every evil in the world part of God’s plan is to say that God ordains sin, which is absurd. Many Christians rush to explain tragedies, just looking for some semblance of meaning, but that’s a mistake. Our job, as Romans 12:15 says, is to “rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn.”

    1. That is very true, it hurts me to hear people blame God for things that we do ourselves. There are answers to life’s questions found in the bible, but sadly most never look. This was a difficult post to write. I realize not everyone has faith in these things and I didn’t want to come off sounding trite or dismissive to anyones grief. It truly is a tragic event. Thank you for reading my posts dear and your comments always cheer me on to keep posting. :)

  3. Kind of found your blog by accident. I was searching blogs about “thoughts.” I know, how strange. But I related to some of your thoughts about this tragedy and thought you might like a song that came to me as I was praying about how to support the people in Newtown from a distance. The title of the song is “Love never Fails.” Anyway, its posted on my blog. Here’s the link so you can listen to it easily if you want: http://wp.me/p2WjnV-3n

      1. Any time, and thank you for not blaming God. And thank you for saying he didn’t need 20 more angels. I completely agree!

      2. :) I have never understood how people can claim that God is love then do something so cruel as to take someone away like that. Gods purpose was never for us to die, if Adam and Eve hadn’t sinned they would have lived forever in a paradise on Earth, and so would their children. Rom 5:12 Through one man’s sin (Adam) death spread to all men. Thankfully through Gods undeserved kindness we have the hope of the ressurection.

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